Fish cultivation - Fish farming

Fish cultivation - Fish farming

Fish cultivation - Fish farming

Rice and fish is the principal item of our food. So fish is in great demand in our country. Our country also is blessed with various kinds of delicious fish. In the past it bred and grew naturally. Since its demand is increasing day by day, many people rear fish for personal consumption and for sale. Nowadays, fishes are exported to foreign countries in huge quantities so it has become one of the main sources of our remittance. That is why fish cultivation holds bright prospect for Bangladesh.

Places for fish cultivation: Bangladesh is the best suitable place for fish cultivation. Its soil and climate are congenial to fish cultivation. Bangladesh is a land of rivers, canals, ponds, lakes, tanks and big haors. Fishes live there. They breed and naturally grow there.

Government initiatives: In countries like denmark, fisheries are regarded as an important trade. They have done a lot to improve this trade and are now earning large sums of money by selling fish to foreign countires. In our country fisheries have been badly neglected so long, though we have an enormous supply of fish. Our government is quite aware of fish cultivation. Department of fisheries has been opened. It is doing a useful work to develop this trade. It is going to improve those who are engaged in fish cultivation.

Private initiatives: Nowadays, fish cultivation is a very profitable business. People engaged in this profession are earning a lot. So today not only common people but also many educated men, instead of running any risky business on rendering service, have taken fish cultivation as their sole profession. Fish cultivation is less risky and less hazardous. 

Benefits: The benefits of fish cultivation are too many to be described. The people of Bangladesh like fish ver much. It is next to rice. They cannot pass a single day without fish. It is very delicious and nutritious. Variou delicious items of meals are made of fish. They are cooked as curry or fry or kabab. Today fish cultivation is th most profitable business. It is a great source of income. The lion's share of our remittance is coming from fis Fishing is a means of livelihood for many people in our country. There is a special caste of lower class Hindus whom fishing is a hereditary occupation. Nowadays, not only the poor Muslims but also people of different class have taken up fish cultivation as their profession.

Fish cultivation can bring good prospect for our country. It will go a long way to lead the country The path of progress and prosperity.

Word-meanings: principal (প্রিন্সিপাল) adj.- প্রধান, demand (ডিমান্ড)n. - চাহিদা, delicious (ডেলিশ্যাস) adj. - সুস্বাদু, increase (ইনক্রিজ) v. – বৃদ্ধি পাওয়া, source (সোর্স)n.- উৎস, cultivation (কালটিভেশন) n. - চাষাবাদ, earn (আর্ন) v.- উপার্জন করা, enormous (এনরমাস)adj. - বিশাল, engage (এনগেইজ) v. - নিয়োজিত থাকা। profitable (প্রফিট্যাবল) adj. - লাভজনক, risky (রিসকি) adj. – ঝুঁকিপূর্ণ, hazardous (হ্যাজারডাস) adj. - কষ্টসাধ্য, benefit (বেনিফিট)n.- উপকারিতা, nutritious (নিউট্রিশাস) adj. - পুষ্টিকর, livelihood (লাইভলিহুড) n.- জীবিকা, hereditiary (হেরিডিটিয়ারী) adj.-বংশানুক্রমিক, victim (ভিকটিম) – শিকার।

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