International mother language day paragraph - 21 february paragraph 200 words

International mother language day paragraph - 21 february paragraph 200 words

International mother language day paragraph - 21 february paragraph 200 words

The 21st February is observed (পালিত হওয়া) all over the world as International Mother Language Day. It is a red letter day in our history. This day has a historical importance in the history of Bangladesh. Many historians think that the Language Movement of 1952 was the starting point of the Liberation War. The government of west Pakistan declared in 1948 that only Urdu would be the state language of East Pakistan.

The student formed 'Matrivasa Songram Parisad' had decided to continue their movement. On 21st February 1952, some valiant (বীর) sons of our country brought out a procession (মিছিল) claiming their demand. But suddenly the police fired and they laid down their lives for our mother tongue, Bangla.

Since then, the day had been observed as our Shaheed Day commemorating (স্মৃতিস্মরণ করে) the sacrifice of the language martyrs. Afterwards on november 17, 1999 UNESCO declared the day as the International Mother Language Day. On this day people of all classes generally waking up early in the morning bring out a procession called 'Probhat Ferry'.

Everybody in the procession walks to Shaheed Minar bare-footed and sings the sad song, "Amar bhaer rakte rangano Amiki bhulite Pari." They put on black badges on their breast or shoulder and go in procession to the Shahid Minar. They express their respect to the martyrs by offering flowers and wreathes at the foot of the Sahid Minar. They also arrange meeting and seminar to mark the day.

Our newspapers bring out special features of the dey. The TV and Radio put up special programmes highlighting the significance of the day.

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Mother tongue is a heavenly gift. From the Holy Quran we come to know that the most merciful almighty has bestowed a mother tongue upon each and every caste, creed and colour. Mother tongue is so important that the people of a country express their ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions clearly through mother tongue.

But it is an irony of fate that the then rulers of Pakistan tried to impose Urdu as mother tongue upon us instead of Bangla. But the people of our country raised their voice against this unlawful decision. Some of the heroic sons came forward and sacrificed their glorious lives for the cause of our mother tongue on the 21st February, 1952 Since then this day is called the Shaheed Dibash.

Every year we remember this day with solemnity and pay profound tribute to our heroes. Now it is a great pleasure for us that this day has got international recognition in 1999. From then this day has been and will be forever observed as "The World Mother Language Day". So it is a matter of great glory and prestige for us.

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